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Summer Season team entry 2022.

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Casey Netball are excited to offer a range of new exciting netball competitions at Olive rd Sporting Complex. Based in the north of the city of Casey we are looking forward to reaching a new crowd of passionate netty heads.

Olive rd, Eumemmerring

  • Tuesday Afternoon Juniors: 9&U, 11&U, 13&U, Female & Male no restrictions.

  • Tuesday Afternoon Mixed Juniors: 15&U, 17&U, Female & Male restrictions apply

  • Tuesday Evening Ladies: Section 1-4 Female only

  • Wednesday Morning Ladies: Section 1-4 Female only

  • Saturday Ladies Premier League: Sections 1-6 Female only 

  • Saturday Junior Premier League: 13&U Female & Male no restrictions 15&U, 17&U Female only 

  • Sunday Evening Senior Mixed: Sections 1-4 Female & Male restrictions apply

Team Entry Payment:

  • Senior Competitions at Olive rd: $90.00

·        Senior Ladies Premier League: $90.00

·        Junior Premier League: $75.00 

  • Junior Competitions at Olive rd: $75.00


Weekly Game Fees:

·        Senior Competitions at Olive rd: $60.00

·        Senior Ladies Premier League: $70.00

·        Junior Premier League: $70.00

·        Junior Competitions at Olive rd: $60.00


Season Commences:            Senior Competitions:                 Tuesday Evening – 4th October 2022

                                                                                                     Wednesday Morning – 5th October 2022

                                                                                                     Sunday Evening Mixed – 16th October 2022


                                               Junior Competitions:                  Tuesday Afternoon – 4th October 2022


Finals Commence:                Week of 26th March 2023


Season Commences:           Premier League Short Season:    Saturday Ladies Premier League – 15th October 




Finals Commence:              10th of December 2022

Further information or enquires email

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